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Cheezy Garlic filled Potato Patties

It's lazy Monday for me today. I don't have to cook a main meal as I have leftovers from yesterday. I still like to faff about in my kitchen though as I find cooking relaxing. So with a bit of 80's rock to wail along to, I'm turning some surplus mashed potato and veg that's been lurking in the fridge into filled potato patties. I really do need to use it up!

(This photo is a teaser - cooked patties at the end)

Here we go, not very exciting is it? Looking decidedly lacklustre having been liberated from the fridge. Rather wishing I had something more exotic than a sad offering of pressure cooked cauliflower and broccoli. Where's a nice little ramekin of roasted peppers when you want one? To be fair, I'm only using it as it's there, I'm not wasting it. Let's add a few bits to it and see what we can rustle up. This is my own recipe, so don't be afraid to tweak it to suit yourself.


I've chopped and diced the veg and spring onions finely, throwing everything into a bowl to combine well. You may have you own preference for binding together. I've added a slosh

of olive oil and a tbsp of apple sauce. Don't be put off by the thought of adding apple sauce, I was at first. In practice you can't taste it other than the slightest sweetness, but it binds ingredients together in the same way as egg and you don't need to use much. Do whatever works for you.

I bet you all want a knife like mine, snort! It's so ancient but feels just right in my hand. I have a collection of knives but it's always this one I use. Sharpened to within an inch of it's life it's probably a third of it's original length. Suspect it was a large carving knife to begin with. I unearthed it in my Dad's garden shed years ago, where it was languishing amid a heap of rusty tools. Brought it in, cleaned it up and got out my sharpener - and it's been my trusty knife of choice ever since.

Next I attempted to use a burger press designed to add a filling. One word; NO!

Never again! Far quicker to form a ball in hands, make a well with knuckle, then top with a generous cap of mash after adding filling. Done in a fraction of the time without getting my hands, the press and the worktop glued together. My press works well with bean burgers but took immediate offence to a potato offering.

For the filling I've popped in a teaspoon of vegan cheese sauce, teaspoon of vegan garlic mayo, a sprinkle of grated vegan Applewood smoked cheese and a teaspoon of yeast-flakes. I used a little of the cheese sauce as I'm intending to make a lasagne later in the week and so the opened jar can go in the fridge. I already had the garlic mayo open. Otherwise I would have foraged and adapted to use what I had. What else would have worked? Cheese and mustard filling? Cheese and 'erbs? Cheesy baked beans? Personally I'd have plumped for cheese and chilli if just for me, but my husband would think he was being poisoned.

To complete the patty, I've added a generous cap of potato, gently firming into a burger shape. I dust my hands with cornflour and shake some on my worktop to avoid sticking. After handling, the patties are likely to be quite soft at this point so you do have to coax into shape and be gentle. If I can manage this, anyone can - as I have hands like shovels and clumsy to boot.

To finish I've added a crumb coat. I've used a pastry brush to lightly coat with olive oil, before scattering over a mixture combining a little dry vegan stuffing mix and vegan breadcrumbs. I'm quite frugal with the breadcrumbs as I think they're expensive, so I make sure a packet goes a long way. I quite often use the vegan stuffing mix as it's crumbs with added flavouring and adds a bit of interest with ease. Shame I can't find any other variety other than sage and onion as it's a jolly handy store cupboard staple. I scatter the crumbs lightly over the top and press in gently, then add a little crumb to the worktop before gently rolling the patty around to coat sides and base. Repeat until happy with the covering. I give myself 5/5 today for keeping the crumbs contained - just a few leftover over on the worktop, which wiped up in a flash; none on me or the floor - woohoo!

I've left the patties to rest on baking paper in the fridge, where they will firm up again prior to cooking, making handling easier. It should also encourage the filling to stay in the middle and not seep out during cooking. I will roast them at supper time in my Ninja Health Grill after spraying the top lightly with oil to encourage a golden glow. I think they will take about 25 minutes to cook. I would normally use the airfry function for something like this but my patties are huge! In hind-sight I could have easily made 4 smaller ones, but my huge offerings are looking proud of themselves. It's a bit of a stretch to call mine a side dish.... they're definitely aiming for main meal glory in their magnitude. Fingers crossed they manage to heat through thoroughly in the middle before catching on the outside.

I don't need to use my oven today as I shall be warming up the main dish in the microwave. I do tend to use my Ninja most days as it's so much quicker than waiting for the oven to heat up. I won't try the spiel that it's saving electric by not having my Rangemaster going. It may take less electric to cook, but as I have 3 Ninja cooking appliances that I use regularly, even my poor maths can work out that the expense will never justify the saving on electric...... but by golly, they are handy little pieces of kit. I can't imagine cooking without them now and can go for days without switching the oven on at all. I did in fact go 8 months without a proper oven whilst waiting for my new one to arrive, managing to cook perfectly well using my gadgets.

If cooking in an oven, I reckon a preheated 200c, fan 180c or gas mark 6 for about 25-30 mins would do the trick. Reduce cooking time to 15-20 mins for smaller patties.

They're in! Enjoying a sneaky little glass of the dregs of weekend Cava.

Table is laid.

Don't judge me!

And the verdict?

My chief tester (non vegan) has spoken; "effing beautiful, you can make this again".

My verdict; Oh yes! Very tasty indeed. I was initially disappointed there wasn't a melt-in-the-middle moment on cutting in half. Instead, the centre stayed put. So full of flavour. This one's a keeper. Happy to give this a 5* review, and I'm terribly critical of my makes.

Another time, I'll definitely make them smaller though. Perhaps!

Currently semi reclined in potato overload as yesterday's leftover dish also had a potato topping. FYI - that was my Mediterranean Pie and is my own tweak on Tumbet, my previous post. I deleted all my photos of it by accident yesterday, so will share it again soon, as I do think my version is tastier, quicker to make and better suited to a UK cook.

Oh my, I've still got to take the dogs out this evening. Drag yourself up woman!

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