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Friday Night Takeaway

Supper tonight is a different style of Indian for me. Rather than the usual curry (which I could happily live on) I've made three tasty bundles of flavour; Pakora, Onion Bhajis and Dali Bora.

I've served with a gluten free/vegan garlic and coriander nan, a little dish of lemon and apricot pickle; and lemon basmati rice (good old Tilda).... plus a large glass of my absolutely favourite white wine.

I had never heard of Dali Bora until yesterday, when my dear friend Bernice sent me a link to a YouTube clip for My Family Garden, a predominately garden video blog with this fabulous cooking clip, which gave me the courage to try.

The Dali Bora is totally gluten free and vegan as shown in the video. For the Pakora and Onion Bhaji I've substituted the egg by using flax seed; 2 tbsp mixed with 6tbsp of hot water was enough to bind both successfully.

I'm not listing the recipe as it's not my own. I hope you will enjoy watching the video too.

My mind boggled.;

You can make a batter using soaked red lentils?

Oh yes, you can! I loved them, though I did alter the filling for these Dali Bora as my stomach could not have coped with so many onions at once. I used a small amount of spring onions, sprigs of cauliflower and broccoli and a handful of frozen peas. It worked!

Watching the video I couldn't understand why all the mixtures were done by hand. I tried using a metal spoon but it didn't bind everything together. As soon as I got my hand in and squished it all came together beautifully. Get your bowls in soapy water quick, I have a feeling this little lot would dry like concrete otherwise.

I don't have a deep fryer, do I shallow fried in batches, keeping warm and finishing cooking on my hot plate.

Verdict - Would I make these again? Most definitely, although next time I will be adding chillies and making for myself. Despite leaving out the hot stuff, my husband's tender mouth couldn't cope with the mild curry I put in for him. I shall ramp it up to my taste buds next time and enjoy. What I do need to figure out though is a raita type dip, I need to have a faff about to get one of those right to accompany. All in all a success though!

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