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Jan's best Burger ever

I'm not ashamed to boast about my burgers. They taste every bit as good as the best burger I've eaten in any restaurant. Even my non-Vegan husband says they're delicious. As there's no fast food options available to me locally, this is my once a week junk food treat.

I've tried all the gluten free vegan burgers I can find. Some are OK, most are horrid. Tesco was selling a very reasonably priced jalapeño filled burger, but sadly my big shop store hasn't stocked them for weeks.

These Beyond Meat burgers are by far my favourite. They look and smell like meat before cooking and the flavour and texture is fab. I do think they're quite pricey; £5 for a pack of 2, however, worth every penny for my junk food fix.

I always air fry my burgers in my Ninja Health grill. These burgers take 15 mins to cook and I don't need to turn them. After seasoning with freshly ground black pepper and a little sea salt, I pop them in the grill, adding a splash of Stubb's liquid smoke to add some oomph.

Meanwhile, I've lightly oiled the hotplate on my Rangemaster, heating to high to begin with, and popped on slices of red onion, sliced chestnut mushrooms and slices of red pepper.

I sprinkle soft brown sugar over the onions, vegan ranch seasoning over the mushrooms, adding a cheeky drizzle of dark agave syrup over the peppers. Once softening and taking on colour, I reduce the heat to medium low.

After burgers have been cooking for 5 mins, I add frozen chips to the Ninja. My current favourite are McCain naked crinkle cut. Not as oily as other brands, very economical and always perfect in 10 mins.

I took 2 gluten free rolls out of the freezer earlier. I popped the top halves onto the hotplate to soak up the mushroom juice and lightly toast.

I've smeared the bun bases in vegan garlic mayo and topped with some sliced gherkins, adding some red chillies to mine and ranch seasoning to my husbands.

The top half of the bun is smeared in a tangy tomato relish, topping with a handful of rocket salad and a squiggle of vegan salad cream.

Meanwhile in the Ninja, I top the burgers with a layer of vegan cheese for the last 5 mins. A slice of vegan jalapeño for me and grated cheddar for him.

Then it's a quick layer up before digging into this stacked-high divinely delicious burger. I like to spear my burgers with a wooden fork after assembling as restaurants do. It looks all proper like until it falls apart the moment I try and eat it.


If you haven't tried these amazing seasonings, you're missing out. I'd seen them advertised on FB for weeks. Finally I gave in to the power of advertising blurb and placed an order. By golly, the flavour is fabulous and a little will go a long way. The chicken is pure vegan alchemy. Virtually all varieties are gluten free and vegan, easy to check on the website; there's also a whole host of bacon flavours. Guess what I'm ordering next?

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