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Moroccan Wrap

For lunch today, I had cubes of tofu to use up. I'm totally out of salad, so after a bit of fridge gazing I've made this tasty moroccan inspired wrap. Prep to plate in 10 minutes.

I've attempted a new gluten free crumb coating today and I'm really pleased it's worked well - so much cheaper than shop bought breadcrumbs, I'll definitely be making up a batch for my pantry. Scroll past the wrap photo quickly; it tasted delicious, but it's so badly wrapped it's barely holding together!

My new crumb mix took moments to prepare. Gluten free rice crispies zapped for a few seconds in my smoothie maker. I've added salt, pepper, chilli flakes and a little fajita seasoning. I only whizzed up enough for today, but I think a larger batch would store perfectly well in an airtight container. Costs next to nothing to make and I couldn't tell the difference compared to the pricey gluten free breadcrumbs I've been buying.

I had put the tofu cubes in a bowl to marinade with a big dollop of tagine paste earlier this morning.

I used my tongs to dip the cubes into the breadcrumbs, I dipped in and out of the sauce and crumbs twice to ensure a good coating. I find it easier to have the crumbs in a small bowl, it stops them flying everywhere and I use so much less this way.

Then it was into my pre heated air-fryer after spraying lightly with sunflower oil. I also threw in a handful of southern flavour skinny fries and a scatter of frozen peppers (also sprayed with oil). I use my air-fryer constantly. It heats up so very quickly and takes no time to cook; I love that I can just throw in a handful of this and that for me, when I would never think it worth switching the oven on. Plus, this little batch cooked in 7 minutes. I'd have still been waiting for my oven to heat up.

The gluten free/dairy free / vegan wrap is laughing at me. It knows just how badly I will fail to assemble it. I saw a perfectly formed wrap on Instagram yesterday and I almost wept at the sheer perfection. Surely I can't be the only person incapable of getting the darn things to hold together?

Wrap is spread with Moroccan flavour hummus with the addition of some sliced black olives and jalapenos (both store cupboard jars).

And jolly nice it was too. Moroccan flavouring, a bit of a kick from the jalapenos, the indulgence of having a few sneaky chips for lunch; oh and a cheeky dunk into a little vegan chilli mayonnaise.

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