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Smokey Mushroom Tagliatelle

A comforting one pot dish made in my pressure cooker (my Ninja Foodi Max). Lots of fresh mushrooms and vegetables smothered in a creamy mushroom and smoked paprika sauce, with gluten free tagliatelle. Prep to plate in 20 minutes.

The weather is so rubbish today, I want a substantial bowl of flavourful comfort but can't be arsed to spend ages in the kitchen. This is just the thing!

This is so quick to make, 5 mins prep and 15 mins cooking is all it takes. Using the pressure cooker means only 1 pot to wash up too.

I wish I was better at food photography - it really does taste lovely!


Whatever veg takes your fancy. Today I've used fresh;

mushrooms, vine tomatoes, mange tout, sprigs of cauliflower and brocolli, spring onions

plus frozen sweetcorn and peas

(This dish works just as well using all frozen veg and there's no prep involved at all. I've used a variety of fresh veggies today as I have them to use up. If using all frozen, I would probably have opted for a whole bag of sliced mushrooms, plus peas and sweetcorn)

A jar of gluten free vegan cheese sauce (or a jar of white sauce, or half a tub of vegan cream cheese plus a little more hot water - all 3 options give the same creamy result)

A mushroom stock cube - I use Kallo organic cubes

Garlic - fresh, frozen or dried

Smoked paprika


Half a tube or small can of tomato puree

Sea salt*** and freshly ground black pepper.

Olive oil

***Add salt to taste at end of cooking. If like me, you don't use much salt in your cooking, you may find the stock cube adds enough. I've found this the case with other dishes, but did need to add a pinch today; it was definitely required to bring out the flavour at the end.


I've heated a little olive oil on medium high, chopped the spring onions and thrown in to sauté.

Meanwhile pop some water on to boil in your kettle.

Chop remaining veg (leaving out tomatoes**), throw in. Add garlic, pepper, basil, hefty dose of smoked paprika and crumble stock cube. Add frozen veg.

Add just enough boiling water so you can see the level just under the surface of veg.

Now pop on top the tagliatelle, tomatoes, tomato puree and jar of sauce. Do not mix in as this will prevent sticking whilst pressure is building (this seems to be a Ninja issue when pressure cooking, bunging tomato and creamy ingredients on top and not mixing them in works perfectly every time).

My dish is all ready to cook looking just as it does in the above photo. I then pop on the pressure lid, change the setting to pressure cook on high and set timer for 7 minutes.

Above photo is just after venting and removing lid, followed by a quick stir to combine all ingredients.

Taste, adjust seasoning if necessary and serve. My husband declared the flavour "bleddy ansum". I did add a sprinkle of chilli flakes to mine as I wanted a spicier kick.

Bon appetit!

Now for a lazy afternoon of lolling in front of the TV with my crochet.

I know how to live it up :)

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