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Super Fast Fusion Stir Fry

Supper tonight was ready so fast I didn't have time to take photos. I'm writing it down as it was so very tasty and a fabulous free from alternative to a spicy Friday night takeaway. No worries about hidden ingredients I can't digest and ready in a flash.

This one is hot, hot, hot!

(but can be adjusted)

Fresh Ingredients

Spring onions, diced

Button mushrooms

Mange tout

Fine green beans

Brussel sprouts

A few sprigs of cauliflower and brocolli

Sweet pepper

Red chilli (leave out for less heat)


Olive oil

Tagine paste

Gluten free soy sauce

Lime juice - bottled is just fine

Tin of water chestnuts

Packet of microwave rice - I used a lime flavour basmati variety tonight

Preparation (it's quick, quick, quick)

Heat oil oil in a wok or heavy based pan and throw in the spring onions.

Now chop all the rest of the fresh veg and chuck in as fast as you can. Stir in a spoonful of tagine paste and a hefty glug of soy sauce. Stir, hear the sizzle and breathe in that delicious smell.

Now tip in the rice and water chestnuts, a generous splash of lime juice and stir through to heat.

Start to finish about 5 minutes.

Scoffed from a bowl with a spoon and large glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc on the side, whilst slumped in front of TV enjoying the Pink documentary... she is awesome!

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