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Veggie Falafel Patties

My lunch was an experiment today in an attempt to utilise a packet of dry falafel mix thats been loitering in the pantry for weeks. I think its worked, I'll certainly be making them again.

I've thrown together some zingy little patties in no time, serving with some sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

It perked up the mix no end and made for a tasty lunch. I made 6; 4 have gone in the fridge wrapped in greaseproof paper.


Packet of gluten free falafel mix (I'm pretty sure a packet of gluten free stuffing mix would work well too).

1/2 tin of butter beans

Grated vegan mozzarella

Black olives

Fresh - 6 Brussel sprouts**, 4 radishes and a small red and green pepper - or a sweet pepper if you don't like heat.

Lemon juice

Olive oil - I used lemon infused

Chopped chives

Onion powder

Salt and pepper

A little cornflour

**I think small garden peas would be great in this recipe and I will use instead of the sprouts next time. Although these tasted fine to me (I love sprouts), I think the peas would give a sweet lift and also add an appealing splash of colour.


Put falafel mix in a bowl and make up with boiling water, olive oil and lemon juice.

I used my little hand chopper to quickly chop up all the ingredients and add to the bowl. A hand blender or processor would also work it will just be a smoother texture. Add seasoning and combine. If mixture seems to be struggling to hold together add a dash more oil and smoosh in well.

Dust worktop and hands with cornflour. I used a heaped tablespoon to make each patty, first shaping into a ball with hands and then firming gently into a flatter patty.

To cook, I sprayed the top lightly with sunflower oil and air-fried for 12 minutes. I think these would also fry well.

Verdict - pleasantly surprised. I really struggle to find tasty gluten free bites for lunch. I was able to find some store bought patties until recently, but my store has stopped stocking them. Although the patties appear dry in the above photo, it was only the surface. They were very tasty and moreish to eat; held together well enough to pick up and dip with fingers and were moist and flavourful.

These were so quick to make and very economical, I'm already thinking of different flavour variations.

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