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Wrapping it Up

Today for lunch I'm trialling 2 new to me gluten free vegan Aldi products; Sweet Potato wraps and Masala Roast Cauliflower Sausages.

I love Aldi but shop there rarely now as I struggle to find enough gluten free items to be able to do a full weekly shop. I'm looking forward to tasting these.

I was surprised at how cheap both of these were. The wraps were less than half the price of any I've found in Tesco. The wraps are really nice, soft with a good bite and flavour and I will definitely be buying them again.

I air-fried the sausages in my Ninja along with a sliced pepper - they took 10 mins to cook, giving me plenty of time to prep a bit of salad and sauce on the wrap. I always keep a piece of non stick chip grid in the bottom of the pan (Poundland, easily cut to size) as I find it helps my vegan items from sticking, without having to spray with oil first.

I shouldn't be left alone unsupervised with a wrap as despite many valiant attempts, I cannot honestly call anything I roll up a wrap; a brief hug of the contents is the closest I ever get.

Jolly tasty though! Another winner. These sausages were £1.50 for 6, a fabulous bargain buy. They taste like cauliflower bhajis and according to packaging are only 43 calories each, so perfect for a tasty lunch.

Well done Aldi. I'm impressed and will be buying again.

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