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Tagine Tray Bake

A fabulously tasty one pan wonder, ready to throw in the oven in no time with the minimum of fuss.

Prep time - 5-10 mins Cook time - 40 mins Oven - 180C (fan)

The main veggies in mine are halved sprouts and a drained can of chickpeas. I also chucked in half a bag of frozen Mediterranean vegetables tonight. Easy peasy.

Preheat oven to 180C (fan) and throw your veg into a deep tray or baking dish. I didn't oil my tray as it's lined with a sheet of silicone.

To add tagine flavour to the veggies, I've thrown in a chopped preserved lemon and drizzled the tray with lemon infused olive oil. I found the jar of lemons in my local Asda and I really like them, though my husband thinks they are disgusting... so add at your peril :)

For 'erbs and spice, I've added a good sprinkle of pepper, cumin, a scatter of cardamom pods and a spoonful of Wicked Mango Masala seasoning (Tesco).

I bunged the tray in to roast for 30 mins.

Whilst cooking, I prepared a quick tagine(ish) sauce. For this I used a small bowl of cashew cream I'd prepared earlier. So simple to do, I buy large bags of unroasted broken cashew pieces which are very reasonable to buy. Soak for several hours, drain and process to a cream, then add water to reach desired creamy consistency. This is fab as a sweet or savoury base. If you want, you can soak a large bag all at once, then store what you don't need in the freezer ready to blitz when required.

Tonight I've added a spoonful of tagine paste, a squeeze of tomato puree, a dash of maple syrup and a good shake of smoked paprika.

After 30 mins, I removed tray and spooned the thick sauce over the centre of the tray and bunged it back in back in a further 10 mins.

It was so, so tasty!

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