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Zingy Lemon Ravioli

Another of my one pot wonders, this is a super quick supper dish to throw together; from prep to plate in around 20 minutes. You can use whatever fresh ravioli you like. My favourite is the fresh Wickd (Tesco) free from Asparagus Ravioli. I try to keep a packet in the fridge as its so handy and just what's needed to scratch a need for pasta itch.

The delicate flavour of the ravioli is well balanced by the light and creamy lemon sauce. It makes a refreshing flavour change in the week.

Today I've been using up veggies in my fridge. I've included spring onions, sweet peppers, chestnut button mushrooms, tender stem broccoli, green beans, edamame beans, mange tout, a courgette and radishes - all sliced (or not.... if I can get away with chucking straight in the pot I will).

This dish would work just as well with frozen veg too.


(1 lemon and half a tub of cream cheese has been plenty to make 3 large portions today).

In addition to your choice of veg (avoid tomato for this dish, I've added them before and found the flavour doesn't go well with the lemon);

Large glass of fruity white wine (1/3 bottle of cheap and cheerful is perfect). If you use dry white wine, you may find you need to add a tsp of sugar or a dash of agave syrup to sweeten the dish. Taste and see what you think towards end of cooking.

1 juicy lemon, zest and juice, plus a little extra bottled juice if you have it.

Toasted flaked almonds (or cashews would work well too).

Half a tub of plain flavour vegan cream cheese.

Olive oil - lemon infused if you have it.


Freshly ground black pepper

Sea salt


Pinch of tarragon - you only need a tiny bit, but that little addition goes so well with the lemon.

A shake of smoked paprika

A scattering of yeast flakes

I've also added a good pinch of Wickd lemon and garlic seasoning too.


In a large pan on medium high, heat a little olive oil and pop the sliced spring onions in to sauté. Whilst these start to soften, quickly prep the rest of the veg and throw in.

Add seasoning and stir well, adding the wine. Then add the zest of lemon and juice. Now its time to pop in the Ravioli and cream cheese, stirring in gently. I've also used my spiralizer to swirl in a courgette at this point, popping on a lid to steam for 2 mins. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary, scatter in the almonds, Stir and serve.

This little hand held spiralizer was a JML special if I remember correctly. It's so quick to use, cutting 2 sizes of spiral. It's small enough to easily keep in a drawer and takes up no space in the dishwasher. At my height of spiralizing addiction I bought an electric one - it was rubbish compared to this little wonder. I used the electric one once and donated it to a charity shop.

And there we have it - a light and tasty supper with a refreshingly different flavour.

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