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Shiitake Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are one of my favourite things but takeaways are mostly a thing of the past now due to dietary requirements. I've been wanting to try making my own for days and tonight's the night. Of course, by the time I've got around to it, I've already used the beansprouts earmarked for them. Never mind, it's all practice!

Ingredients (I made 3 large rolls the size of large takeaway ones)

I'm doing my own thing with these rolls, using what I've got in the fridge.

I began by covering a portion of rice noodles in boiling water and leaving to soften whilst I chopped my veggies. A little goes a long way, you don't need much at all.

I've used, cabbage, radish, shiitake mushrooms, a sprig of broccoli and a small red chilli pepper. What you can see was plenty. Slice everything finely (and definitely add beansprouts if you have them).

Drain the noodles and place in a bowl with all the veggies. To add flavour, I stirred in a hefty slug of gluten free soy sauce, some chopped ginger (I used frozen) and a good shake of Chinese 5 spice.

To stop the mixture being too wet, I added a liberal shake of cornflour and stirred in. This did the trick, there was no leakage during cooking.

Then it was time to do something with these weird things...

I followed the instructions on the packet. I hope I get better with practice! They are slippery little suckers. I tried to use 1 for each wrap, but found it much easier to use 2. I covered 2 at a time with hot water and left for 15 seconds.

I then carefully drained and slid the now slippery as an eel sheets onto a damp tea towel.

After rolling up the best way I could manage, which considering my usual wrapping efforts is a pretty good job, I popped them into my Ninja Health Grill to air-fry. I did spray the top of each lightly with sunflower oil before shutting the lid.

I cooked mine for 18 minutes.


Ooh! I like these very much. With a bit of practice with the rice sheets, these will be very quick to make. Definitely hitting the mark as a takeaway at home make, and so much cheaper! These are the size a Chinese takeaway charges £4 each for. I've made 3 for about £2.

With the addition of beansprouts next time, these will be fabulous. I know my husband will love these too, if I leave the chilli out of his. I think they would be remarkably good if I fried them, however, I'm more than happy with how they've turned out in the air-fryer.

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